4 Easy Tips to Minimize Eye Strain When Working on a Computer

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It is not uncommon to get eye strain when working at a computer for long periods of time. But there are easy things you can do to minimize this problem. Here are four tips to minimize eye strain when working at your computer.

With the increase in the use of computers it is becoming very common for users to get eye strain. It happens with all users from younger computer users who use the PC as a entertainment console to working professionals who sit for hours before their computers in their office or at their desk. That is why solutions of how to minimize eye strain when working on a computer for a long time are so important.

Tip #1

The easiest way to minimize eye strain resulting from sitting in front of the PC is to take breaks regular intervals. Have a plan so that after every half an hour you take a break of about 5 minutes. This new routine should not hamper your work; instead it should increase your productivity as the break will refresh you and reduce eye strain. Just get up from your work desk, stretch or walk a few steps for a few minutes and then resume work.

Tip #2

Make sure that your computer monitor is at a height just a little below eye level. This will ensure that you need not strain your eyes to look at the screen. It will also help prevent neck and upper back soreness. Moreover, there should be a distance of about 20-25 inches between your eyes and your computer monitor to ensure that your eyes are safe from the glare of the PC.

Tip #3

The lighting of the area where you place your computer is also of importance when it comes to minimizing eye strain. If the lights in your work desk are too glaring and accentuate reflections they are not suitable for your eyes. You need to install lights that help in reducing glare and reflection so that you do not need to squint while working on your PC. Putting an anti-glare screen on the monitor would also help in the reduction of the glare and thus help in minimizing eye strain. As well, if the lighting is too low this can also lead to eye strain.

Tip #4

The chief problem that occurs when you work for long hours with your PC is that your tear ducts dry up and cause the eye to dry. This is harmful for your eyes. Moistening your eyes at regular intervals is the best way to avoid this. Artificial tears are available that can help you in this regard. Keeping your documents within reach is also necessary so that you need not bend away straining your muscles. A copy-holder can be of good use in such cases.

If your eye strain continues it could be related to a more serious problem and you will be served best by seeing a doctor that specializes in these areas.

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