Dr. Michael Reynard’s academic research has been published in peer-reviewed medical publications .  He holds patents for surgical instruments and lens implants for eye surgery.


Fiber optic sleeve for surgical instrumentsA fiber optic integrated phacoemulsification system is disclosed comprising surgical handpieces for cataract surgery which incorporate fiber optic bundles that transmit visible light to enhance visualization by intraocular illumination. Patient safety is improved by the oblique lighting to the…
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Fiber optic sleeve for surgical instrumentsA disposable fiber optic sleeve for attachment at the forefront of a surgical instrument. The sleeve is an elongated tubular shape and incorporates multiple fiber optic bundles for transmission of visible light to enhance intraocular visualization. Additional bundles of optical fibers may provide…
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Phacophotolysis method and apparatusA process and apparatus for removing cataractous lens tissue (22) in a human or animal eye and substitution of the lens with replacement material (48) utilizing an apparatus in the form of a surgical instrument (42). The process contains the steps of injecting a therapeutic photosensitive agent…
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Multifocal phakic intraocular lensA multifocal phakic intraocular lens (10) designed to be placed in a phakic eye to correct various refractive disorders such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. The lens (10) which can be positioned within the eye’s anterior chamber (62) or posterior chamber (63), consists of a…
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