Expert Witness Testimony for Dog Bite Injuries of the Eye

Data from the California Department of Health Care Access and Information show an increased rate of emergency room visits and hospitalizations from injuries caused by dog bites. Annual Emergency Room visits for dog bites have recently exceeded over 50,000 cases. … Read More

Eye Injury Expert Witness Testimony

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An eye expert for evaluation of eye injuries can be invaluable for legal assessment. A well-informed assessment may help evaluate a potential case for causation, extent of damages, and prognosis. The proper assessment of eye injury cases helps attorneys provide the best representation for their clients.

Dog Bite Eye Expert Witness Testimony

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Dog bites can result in significant eye injuries requiring emergency care, surgical intervention, and long-term care. Ophthalmologists are often called on to repair dog bite injuries to the eyelids or even to the eye itself. Dog bite injuries often lead to claims where eye expert witness testimony is needed to assess damages and the prognosis for long-term consequences. The following case illustrates some of the ocular issues resulting from dog bites to the area of the eye.

Eye Expert Witness for Dog Bite Injuries

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Dog bites frequently result in damage to areas involving the eyelid and damage to the eye. Some of these injuries may be serious and threaten vision. In dog bite cases it is essential for an eye expert witness to assess the nature and extent of injury. An eye expert witness may also be helpful in determining the prognosis and future care of the injuries.

Eye Expert Witness for Corneal Trauma

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An eye expert witness for corneal trauma can be valuable for assessing causation of an eye injury, the extent of damage, and the impact of corneal trauma on vision. A qualified board certified ophthalmologist can provide the expertise needed to understand the medical-legal aspects of these important issues.

Verdict for Eye Socket Injury

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The presence of an eye socket injury can be indicative of significant trauma. Juries often consider the significance of an eye socket injury when rendering their verdict.

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