Consulting and expert witness testimony eye doctor for both plaintiff and defense in a broad spectrum of cases.

  • Courtroom testimony as expert retained by U.S. Attorney General


  • Courtroom testimony as expert retained by California Attorney General


  • Independent Medical Examinations as expert retained by counsel and insurance companies


  • Courtroom testimony as expert in disability hearings by Social Security Administration


  • Deposition testimony as ophthalmology expert retained in patent infringement case


  • Courtroom testimony in medical liability cases


Cases reviewed include:
Eye injury from toy; foreign body injury to eye; injuries to the face and eyes sustained in motor vehicle accident; slip and fall resulting in facial fractures; blowout fracture of orbit; glaucoma from eye trauma; corneal injury due to surgical trauma; dry eye syndrome following eye surgery; vision loss after physical assault; intraocular foreign body related to work injury; eye infection related to contact lens and corneal trauma; functional visual loss and malingering; lasik complications; chemical burns to eyes; complications from eyelid surgery.