California Expert Eye Witness for Eye Surgery

A qualified California expert eye witness for eye surgery should have the knowledge and experience to assess the merits of a case. When appropriate, convincing testimony from an expert eye witness is crucial for properly adjudicating legal issues for either the plaintiff or defendant.

Forensic Eye Expert

Ophthalmologists are often requested to render their expert opinion and matters related to the eye and vision. An ophthalmologist who effectively communicates technical concepts involving the eye and vision into language that is understandable to a jury can be a valuable expert.

Cataract Expert Testimony

Cataract expert testimony by witnesses who have special training and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of cataracts often testify to their opinions regarding factual issues. Responsible opinions by ocular experts give a judge or jury insight that facilitates accurate interpretation of evidence.

Independent Medical Eye Examination

The rules and regulations for independent medical eye examination in the state of California is described in the Civil Procedure Section 2032.  The following information details the pertinent code. Code of Civil Procedure Section 2032 Code of Civil Procedure Section 2032.010-2032.020 2032.010. … Read More

Ocular Personal Injury Litigation

Ocular personal injury litigation involves wrongful death with vision related issues, auto accident, trucking accidents, toxic injuries, medical liability claims, and workers compensation issues. Medical Records Review  A review of medical records is often an ideal method of screening the … Read More

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