Eye Expert Retention

Michael Reynard, M.D.
1301 – 20th Street, Suite 260
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Dear Counsel,

Thank you for contacting my office for retaining an eye expert for your case.

Click here for my Curriculum Vitae for your records.  Our fee is $575/hour with a four-hour earned retainer of $2,300.  Other charges may apply depending on services needed.  There is no charge for brief housekeeping phone calls.

Please coordinate review of records and/or Independent Medical Examinations (IME) with Ruby in my office (310/453.0551).

Please complete the attached Retainer Agreement and send it to my office with retainer and pertinent records as hard copies (preferred) or on a flash drive.

Feel free to contact my office for any questions or clarification.


Michael Reynard, M.D.

Michael Reynard, M.D.
Board Certified Eye Expert