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Macular vision is precious. Without normal macular function we lose our ability to see properly. Our capability to read, see detail, appreciate colors, and properly focus is impaired when the macula, the most visually sensitive part of the retina is impaired.

Information based on proven science is important to us so that we may know and understand how to maintain good eyesight. Familiarity with the anatomy and physiology of the eye helps us understand how different areas of the retina influences our ability to see.

This website provides valuable information about maintaining normal eyesight. It also provides information about the diagnosis and treatment of issues that effect the quality of our vision and the way we perceive the world.

This website is provided as a free service and provides general information. But you should consult with your own qualified medical specialist for your own individual situation.

Our dedication to preserving and improving quality vision is detailed on our pages and in our links. Questions you have that about issues effecting vision are addressed in language that is easily understandable. For example:

* What is the macula?

* What is macular degeneration?

* How does nutrition, excercise, and supplements effect the macula?

* What is the latest information about macular degeneration?

* Where can I obtain the proper visual aids that will help me see my best?

* How can I find resources and assistance for people with macular degeneration?

Macular degeneration is one of many problems that can involve the macula. Other issues that can influence macular vision include:

* Retinal edema

* Retinal vein occlusion

* Retinal artery occlusion

* Retinal dystrophy

* Diabetic retinopathy

These and other conditions are presented in language that is easy to understand. Click on links for topics that interest you and bookmark them in your list of favorities.

Here you will find the information gathered from renown specialists, scientific journals, and major symposiums. The information is distilled to give you the latest findings and product offers to help you see your best.

Our goal is to give you a clear and unbiased understanding of what treatments are available. But only you and your eye specialist can decide what approach is best for your individual set of circumstances.

Macular Vision is all about promoting our ability to see our best. Here you will find answers to many of your questions.

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