Magnifiers for Macular Degeneration

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Magnifiers for macular degeneration have been used for many years.  Hand held magnifiers are simple devices that can be useful to see small print such as the newspaper.  In recent years, a new generation of electronic magnifiers for macular degeneration have been developed to help many individuals with this vision disorder.

Electronic magnifiers have the flexibility to help people with macular degeneration enlarge images to a readable scale that is not not available with simple hand held devices.  Unlike magnifiers with one magnifying power, electronic magnifiers are able to multitask and adapt to a variety of condition.  The major advantage of magnifiers for macular degeneration is their ability to enlarge images with detail.  Patients are able to see an entire page of a book rather than an enlarged sentence.  A hands-free electronic device allows for writing with two hands.  Writing checks and reading small print is easier than with strong magnifiers.

Electronic magnifiers are often available through low-vision rehabilitation counselors.  Low-vision rehabilitation counselors are often available at low-vision clinics and sometimes available by request by companies that manufacture electronic magnifiers.  Low-vision counselors may also be invaluable when learning how to use electronic magnifiers.  Flexibility is important when choosing an electronic magnifier since visual needs may change if macular degeneration progresses.

Electronic mangifiers provide adjustable magnifictation, a larger field of vision, and adjustable contrast.  Adjustable contrast makes black blacker and white whiter.  Increasing contrast enhances ability to see fine print.  Imagine regaining the ability to read books without eyestrain or enjoy family pictures. 

The cost of electronic magnifiers varies.  Some simple models can be available for as low as $250.  Highly sophisticated electronic magnifiers are available for several thousand dollars.  Many patients are best advised to arrange for a demonstration to determine the best electronic magnifier that will suit their needs.  Some companies that manufacture electronic magnifiers offer a free in-home demonstration.

Macular degeneration should not discourage you from trying innovative solutions to help you see better and enjoy life.  Electronic magnifiers for macular degeneration may allow you to once again enjoy everyday pleasures such as reading, enjoy family photos, cross-stitch or a crossword puzzle.  Technology for magnifiers for macular degeneration has progressed to highly sophisticated levels.

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