Ophthalmology Expert Witness Services

Dr. Michael Reynard provides ophthalmology expert witness services on a variety of issues in ophthalmology including glaucoma, cataract, retina disorders, ocular trauma, and corneal injury.  As a board-certified ophthalmologist he is qualified to testify on a wide range of eye disorders.

Medical-legal organizations that rely on ophthalmology expert witness services include medical boards, civil litigants, industrial entities, and licensing agencies such as the Federal Aviation Association.

Review of medical records is an important aspect of services provided by an expert witness.  Ophthalmology has its own nomenclature and abbreviations that may be interpreted and understood by an ophthalmology expert witness.  Vision, for example, may be understood as uncorrected or corrected. Uncorrected vision is a measurement taken without glasses or contact lenses.  Corrected vision is vision that is measured with the use of eyeglasses or contact lenses.  Best-corrected vision is generally determined by refraction, a test that determines the best possible vision when testing with a variety of corrective lenses.

In many instances, an ophthalmology expert witness is assigned the task of reviewing the care of a patient by another doctor.  In this regard, the expert witness may render an opinion and provide the basis for his opinion regarding the standard of care.  In most circumstances the standard of care reflects diagnosis and treatment by a doctor under similar or identical circumstances.

Traumatic injuries suffered through a motor vehicle accident or traumatic accidental injury is another area where on ophthalmology expert witness may be helpful.  Traumatic injuries can cause temporary or permanent damage to the eye.  Loss of vision can be quantified and disabilities may be defined on the basis of the injury and its impact on vision.

An expert is often called on to produce reports that are utilized in the litigation process.  Reports are useful for consolidating and interpreting relevant facts of the case.  Reports may be based on a review of available records or an Independent Medical Examination (IME).  Independent Medical Examinations usually take place in the office with sophisticated diagnostic instruments.  Digital photography may be performed for documentation used for diagnosis and presentation in deposition or trial.

Litigants often find an objective comprehensive report as sufficient to dispose or settle a case that is limited to eye injuries.  However, an expert witness needs to be able to discuss details of the report should the case proceed to trial.  The services of an ophthalmology expert witness includes presentation of credible medical opinions and testimony to support those opinions.

Ophthalmology expert witness services serve an important role in litigation.  Qualified and experienced board-certified experts can provide professional assistance to achieve the best results.

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