Protecting Your Employees Against Industrial Work Hazards

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The industrial workplace cannot help but be one of the riskiest and most hazardous places to be.  Most companies have their own safety program and aspire for a zero accident safety record, but accidents do happen.  Sometimes, safety measures are overlooked or it may be that safety devices installed are old and worn-out and thus give way.  The vigilant action of personal injury solicitors who specialize in making claims for work-related injuries serves as a stop-gap mechanism for management to help lower accident rates and increase safety consciousness among employees within the industrial workplace.  

Work-related injuries Sometimes, a worker gets injured while working safely and without his fault.  The work hazard arose from the negligence of another co-worker or the company’s loss of focus on safety measures.  He could have suffered a slip and fall, a break, or a burn.  In mild cases, first aid treatment and medical check-up should be promptly provided.  In moderate to severe cases, a claim can be made for just compensation and work hours lost through the services of a personal injury solicitor.  This is the worker’s due especially once he has lost the ability to work and provide for himself and his family.  

Work-related illnesses Personal injury solicitors also specialize in making claims for work injuries due to unsafe practices and acquired diseases.  These are work hazards which have not been responsibly addressed by the management in terms of occupational health and safety.

There are safety hazards on the respiratory system which cannot simply be remedied by wearing a safety mask.  These hazards occur in many industrial settings familiar to a personal injury solicitor like cement manufacturing plants, electrical power stations, oil refineries, and mining companies.  The company needs to install air-clearing and pollution control devices to prevent their machineries from emitting too much smoke, dust, and chemicals.  These include exposure to silica and asbestos which cause severe respiratory diseases like silicosis and asbestosis, respectively.  Inhalation of chemicals from plastic wood varnish, rubber, and other toxic substances could cause serious respiratory ailments like pneumonoconiosis, bronchitis, pleuritis, and work-related asthma.  A personal injury solicitor would be knowledgeable and convincing in sharing and defending these facts.

Other work hazards There are employees who acquire nerve and muscle disorders on the job while working with power tools for drilling and welding or with big machineries for crushing and grinding.  Some workers may also experience blurring of visions and drying of their eye membranes due to over-exposure to heat and other elements.  Others suffer a deterioration and loss in hearing from prolonged exposure to a constantly loud and noisy environment.  Once a personal injury solicitor is able to prove this, he could make a substantial and just claim in behalf of his client for the loss of these primary senses.  Imagine a life without any one of these senses or without the full use of your senses, and you’ll know what a personal injury solicitor is fighting for.

When you weigh the cost of losing one’s limbs and almost losing one’s life against the cost of safety devices and measures which could have been taken, no amount of money can truly compensate a severe work injury which could change lives overnight.  In this life-changing, a personal injury solicitor would help you win at all costs.

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