Eye Expert Witness for Retinal Detachment

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Retinal detachment occurs when the inner lining to the back wall of the eye peels away from its underlying base.  As the retinal detaches it loses it’s circulation, atrophies, and degenerates.  When this happens, vision it may be irreparably lost.  An eye expert witness for retinal detachment may opine about the prognosis for visual recovery.

Most types of retinal detachment are preceded by a tear in the retina.  This is known as a rhegmatogenous retinal detachment.  Tears in the retina may occur spontaneously.  Certain conditions of the eye may predispose to a retinal tear.  For example, if the retina is especially thin such as in individuals with a high level of nearsightedness, the retina may be prone to tearing.  Individuals who have sustained significant trauma to the eye may also be predisposed to a retinal tear and retinal detachment.  An eye expert witness with experience in retinal detachments may analyze a case to determine the existence of factors that influence a retinal detachment.

Patients with a retinal detachment often have symptoms of a retinal detachment that include seeing flashes of light and dark spots.  The flashes of light may appear like bolts of lightening or small arc-like flashes of light.  Spots in the visual field may range from just a few to a multitude of spots that are persistent.  An eye expert witness for retinal detachment may evaluate a case to determine if the symptoms experience by a patient are consistent with the onset of a retinal detachment.

A tear in the retina may be repaired with an argon laser.  A small retinal detachment may be repaired in the office with the use of an expansile gas and argon laser.  On occasion, an instrument that produces the same effect as an argon laser is used.  Large retinal detachments often require the use of buckle around the eye in combination with laser treatment and possible vitrectomy.

The visual prognosis of patients who have a retinal detachment depends a number of factors that can be analyzed by an eye expert witness for retinal detachment.  Factors that influence visual recovery include the length of time the retina has been detached, whether or not the macula (a sensitive part of the retina) has been detached, the presence of scar tissue, and the success of surgical treatment.


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