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Vision standards for the Motor Sports Association are adapted from criteria designated by the the Federation Internationale de L’Automobile (FIA).  The Motor Sports Association (MSA) is recognized as the sole motor sport governing body for England.  As the governing body, the Motor Sports Association is responsible for the governance and administration of all major forms of motor sports in England.

The Motor Sports Association recognizes that the sport of motor racing requires adequate vision to react quickly to a variety of racing situations. Vision standards for motor sports association is determined by criteria sent by the Federation Internationale de L’Automobile (FIA).  The regulation by the FIA is repeated below:

a) Visual acuity
i) Before or after correction, at least 9/10 for each eye, or 8/10 for one eye and 10/10 for the other;

ii) Any subject whose visual acuity in one eye only is diminished and cannot be improved who necessarily has contralateral vision, whether corrected or not, equal to or greater than 10/10, may obtain a driver’s license under the following conditions and after examination by a competent ophthalmic specialist:
– conformity with points b, c and d below;

– condition of the fundus excluding pigmentary retinal damage, any old or congenital damage shall be strictly unilateral.

– Blindness in one eye is absolutely excluded under the following conditions:

– blindness in one eye for less than 5 years.

In cases of blindness in one eye for more than 5 years, the FIA
Medical Commission alone may consider an application, based
on the results of the eye test described in Article 1.3.
In addition, for every problem arising from one of the exclusions
mentioned above, the FIA Medical Commission may, if it so
desires, and for each dossier submitted, seek the opinion of a
committee of experts.

b) Colour vision: normal (recourse to the Ishihara tables in doubtful cases and to the Farnsworth test or a similar system in cases of error); in any case, no errors in the perception of colours of the flags used in international competitions.

c) Static field of vision: at least 120 degrees, the central 20 degrees must be free from any alteration.

d) Stereoscopic vision: functional.  In case of doubt, it must be assessed using the Wirth, Bagolini (striated lenses) or similar tests.

e) Sight correction: the wearing of contact lenses is permitted provided that:

– these shall have been worn for at least 12 months and for a significant period that day.

– they are certified as  satisfactory for motor racing by the ophthalmic specialist who supplied them.

A written report by an eye specialist may be required by the Motor Sports Association.  The report is then reviewed by a specialist at the Motor Sports Association.

Absolutely excluded are the following:,

For further information, contact the Medical Administration at Motor Sports Association.

Source: Motor Sports Association of the United Kingdom. Motor Sports House. Riverside Park, Colnbrook, SL3 OHG, England. Tel: 01753-765000  FAX: 01753-682938

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