Expert repair of Iris Defects

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Eye trauma can result in a wide range of defects. Iris defects can produce an abnormaly large aperture that allows excessive light to enter the eye. In addition, the large aperture can be cosmetically disfiguring. Fortunately, non-complex surgical techniques are available to fix iris deformities.

Eye Expert Testimony for Paintball Injuries

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Despite advanced methods of treatment for eye injuries, paintball trauma can be a significant cause of morbidity. It is important to recognize that protective eyegear can prevent many of the severe injuries associated eith paintball trauma to the eye. Since many paintball game participants are children, it is also important for parents to be aware of the potential dangers of paintball trauma and guide their children inn the peoper use of protectve eyewear.

Dealing with Eye Injuries

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Dealing With Eye Injuries. Author: Mark Hudson Your eyes are extremely sensitive parts of your body and an injury to them is not something you could put a plaster on and forget. Eye injuries require intervention by a qualified doctor, … Read More

Fireworks Eye Injuries

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Nearly Half Of Eye Injuries Occur At Home Wearing Eyewear Could Prevent Most Eye Injuries, Groups Say Fireworks-related eye injuries are a big reason why the Fourth of July holds the distinction of being America’s most dangerous holiday. But eye … Read More

Amniocentesis and Eye Injury

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Was amniocentesis cause of eye injury to newborn?(Legal Focus on Hospital Law Issues)(Jackson v. Tulane Medical Centre Hospital By A. David Tammelleo   |   Hospital Law’s Regan Report  –  Dec, 2006   Print ShareThis Get the Mag Weekly Updates … Read More

Ocular Trauma Expert Witness

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Ocular trauma can result in mild and temporary visual impairment or severe and permanent loss of vision. Some medical-legal issues in cases of ocular trauma include: Type of injury.  Chemical injuries from acids tend to be less injurious than from substances with a … Read More

Emergency Eye Care Expert Witness

Emergency eye care usually consists of treatment of chemical injuries to the eye, abrasions of the cornea, and foreign bodies to the eye. Serious ocular emergencies include foreign bodies that enter the internal portion of the eye, rupture of the eye, acute elevation of eye pressure, retinal tears, and retinal detachments. An emergency eye care expert witness may be able to analyze treatment of emergency eye injuries.

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